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Park City Areyto

Sponsored By The Puerto Rican Day Parade of Fairfield County and Arte Inc. Where Nest Arts Factory 1720 Fairfield Ave Bridgeport, CT 06605 When: Saturday, November 19, 1:00pm An Areyto with Yucca Yeke Maguey (The Village Drum) The AREYTO celebration is based on an ancient ritual practiced by the Native Americans of the Caribbean (i.e.…
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Puerto Rican Parade of Fairfield County Annual Coquito Contest

Annual Coquito Contest Time!!! Only 12 Contestants accepted this year! The Puerto Rican Parade of Fairfield County is hosting its annual contest on Saturday, December 10, 2016 from 6:00 pm to 1:00 am. We will be serving Spanish- buffet style food, plenty of Coquito to taste and judge, dancing to music to DJ MB FLO…
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Act Now! Open Enrollment for Affordable Healthcare

By Robert G. Rodriguez Social Security Public Affairs Specialist in New Britain, CT Affordable healthcare is something that all Americans deserve. Before the Affordable Care Act (ACA), millions of people and their families were at risk of financial ruin because they were uninsured. Health insurance companies could also deny health insurance coverage due to a…
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Let’s Take Pride in Our Community!

Bridgeport Caribe Youth Leaders will be participating with The Nature Conservancy by planting trees in our East Side Community! Date: Saturday November 5, 2016 We will meet at the Hall Neighborhood House at 9:00am: 52 George E Pipkin's Way Bridgeport, CT 06608 Help restore, clean the air and water, and provide shade in summer! Tools and training…
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Health Insurance Report Card Provides Data on Companies Doing Business in CT

Members of health insurance plans in Connecticut offered by a changing list of companies competing for their business, were “always or usually able to see a specialist or obtain routine care as soon as they wanted,” according to a new annual report card released by the state insurance department. Insurance Commissioner Katharine L. Wade said…
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Important! 2016 Upcoming Election for Bridgeport

The Presidential election is right around the corner, less than a month away! Do you know who’s running for other positions that have a direct effect on you and your family’s livelihood? There is no small issue in politics, make your voice heard by voting on November 8th, 2016! For more information about voting, please…
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St Vincent’s College Providing a 20% Tuition Discount

St. Vincent’s College is providing a 20% tuition discount to all Bridgeport Public School employees and parents/guardians of a student attending a school in the school district. For more information contact: St. Vincent’s College 2800 Main Street Bridgeport, CT 06606 Phone: 203-576-5278 E-mail: Download the flyer
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