GBLN Welcomes PSEG as Our Newest Pa’Lante Sponsor

Our City, Our Home. PSEG in The Bridgeport Community.

For PSEG and its partners in the community 2018 has been a busy year. PSEG continues its involvement as a corporate citizen in the Bridgeport community. The construction of Unit 5, a new state of the art and environmentally sustainable combined cycle power plant, has kept us especially busy along with running and recruiting for the Ready2Work Program.

PSEG Bridgeport Harbor Station takes corporate responsibility seriously. We have committed more than $525,000 to the community since 2016 and supported many local organizations. In addition, PSEG is contributing substantially to the city’s tax base. In its efforts to support the community, PSEG’s conversion to cleaner energy is part of a Community Environmental Benefit Agreement (CEBA) with the City of Bridgeport, ensuring investments will be made towards the city’s future, its residents, and the environment.

As part of the construction of the Unit 5 Project, PSEG has committed to using regional and MWVBE Contractors. To date, the Project has committed to spending $267 million with regional contractors and suppliers, representing 81% of the available spend, and over $138 million with MWVBE contractors representing 42% of overall spending. In our City, the project has resulted in almost $23 million in direct spending with Bridgeport based suppliers and contractors.

As part of the CEBA agreement, PSEG also created its Ready2Work Apprenticeship Readiness Training Program, a $600 thousand dollar private investment in the residents of the City of Bridgeport. The Apprenticeship Readiness Training Program prepares Bridgeport residents including minorities, women, and veterans for high-paying careers in the construction industry. Students can attend five classes over a 14-month period comprised of classroom instruction hours along with hands-on training. All classes are held at the Bridgeport Harbor Station site.

PSEG strives to be an active and positive community member by being involved in local events and festivities. Most recently, PSEG sponsored Fairfield County’s annual Puerto Rican Parade which celebrated the Puerto Rican culture right here in our own community. The Puerto Rican Parade is a culmination of events that includes a pageant, banquet, flag raising, and a parade all sponsored by PSEG. As a prominent community member, PSEG also sponsored one of the longest standing Bridgeport traditions, the Barnum Festival. The event celebrates everything Bridgeport and as an iconic community member, PSEG is part of the fabric that makes the Park City so great. Among other organizations, PSEG supports: BCYL, the Juneteenth Parade, the Barnum Festival, GBLN, LifeBridge, and the PAL Christmas Village.

PSEG Power CT is proud to be an active member of The City of Bridgeport and to be able to offer opportunities to its residents. PSEG is excited to call Bridgeport home.

To kickstart your career in the construction trades, apply for PSEG’s Ready2Work program here:

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