Information on Renters’ Rebate Program

The state legislature ensured participants in the Renters’ Rebate Program will receive their checks with a quick fix to the bipartisan state budget.

The Connecticut Renters’ Rebate Program provides rebates to older adult or disabled renters whose incomes do not exceed certain thresholds. The two-year, $41.3 billion budget that passed Oct. 26 set aside $12.68 million in 2018 and $13.66 million in 2019 for the program, which has traditionally been managed through the state Office of Policy and Management.

Between April 1 and October 1, qualified individuals can apply to their local assessors once a year for state reimbursement for rental payments they made in the preceding calendar year. Any state residents renting an apartment or room, or living in cooperative housing or a mobile home, are eligible for this program. While renters’ rebate recipients are typically 65 years or older or 18 years old and permanently disabled, they also must meet a one year state residency requirement.

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