Many council members will face primary challengers

Hector Diaz. Photo: Connecticut Post

Bridgeport's City Council race is an example of "democracy at work," says the local newspaper.

Seventeen Democratic candidates have successfully forced primaries in nine of Bridgeport’s 10 council districts.

That means challengers have received enough signatures to force their incumbent councilperson into a primary election on Sept. 12.

The primary race will include some new names and some familiar ones:

Pete Spain and Christina B. Smith (130th District)

Jorge Cruz (131st District)

Kyle Langan and Marcus Brown (132nd District)

Robert Keeley and Anne Phillips (133rd District, where Thomas McCarthy is retiring)

Mary McBride-Lee and Richard Salter (135th District)

Jose Casco (136th District)

Milta Feliciano and Hector Diaz (137th District)

Anthony Paoletto and Nessah Smith, and Karen Jackson and Samia Suliman (138th District).

Ernie Newton and Wanda Simmons (139th District)

Full story at the Connecticut Post.

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