Nov 1 last day to register as a Connecticut voter

Nov. 1 is the last day to register to vote online or in-person in Connecticut. Voters who want to register by mail must have their registration cards postmarked no later than Nov. 1. Election Day registration is in effect on Nov. 8, however, lines are expected to be long. You can only do this at certain locations.

For more information about registering to vote, click here.

Here's the ballot for Bridgeport voters:

U.S. House of Representatives

Democratic Party: Jim Himes

Republican Party: John Shaban

U.S. Senate

Democratic Party: Richard Blumenthal

Republican Party: Dan Carter

State Senate

Democratic Party: Marilyn V. Moore| 22nd District | Representing Bridgeport, Monroe & Trumbull; Ed Gomes|23rd District | Representing Bridgeport & Stratford

Republican Party: Elaine Hammers | 22nd District| Representing Bridgeport, Monroe & Trumbull; Mike Garret |23rd District | Representing Bridgeport & Stratford|

State House of Representatives

Democratic Party: Andre F. Baker, Jr| House District 124; Charlie Stallworth | House District 126; Jack Hennessy | House District 127; Christopher Rosario | House District 128 ; Steven Stafstrom | House District 129; Ezequiel Santiago | House District 130|

Republican Party: Jose L. Quiroga | House District 124; Anthony Pizighelli | House District 126; Ruben A. Coriano | House District 127; Ethan Book | House District 128; Peter Perillo | House District 129; Melissa Borres | House District 130|

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