Park City Areyto

Sponsored By The Puerto Rican Day Parade of Fairfield County and Arte Inc.


Nest Arts Factory
1720 Fairfield Ave
Bridgeport, CT 06605


Saturday, November 19, 1:00pm

An Areyto with Yucca Yeke Maguey
(The Village Drum)

The AREYTO celebration is based on an ancient ritual practiced by the Native Americans of the Caribbean (i.e. Tainos) and South America in which communities honored the great deeds and history of their people.

Yucca Yeke Maguey demonstrates the beauty of Native American log drums, conch shells, rattles and other various handmade instruments that help to reveal the glory and mystery of a people and land that is becoming more prominent in the consciousness of Latinos and Caribbean origin people. This group has galvanized the rhythms of log drums, the melodies of spiritual voices and the folklore of proud Tainos to create a presentation that will leave a lasting impression on all.

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