Q&A with Eddie ‘The Tranzcendent One’ Martinez

Eddie Martinez

As we previously announced, Eddie Martinez recently joined the Greater Bridgeport Latino Network's board of directors. We asked him a few questions so we can all get to know him better:

First off, the basics: Where and when were you born and where did you grow up? What years did you attend HCC and at UB? 

I was born and raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I graduated Warren Harding High School in 2003. I attended HCC from August 2008 until December 2013 and graduated with an Associates Degree. I will be attending UB in Fall 2018 pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications.

We thank you for your service in the U.S. military. What was your Army experience like? Where did you serve and for how long. 

I joined the US Army in May 2004. The Army played a huge role into the man that I have become. Basic Training was in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. Advanced Individual Training was in Ft. Lee, Virginia; I was based in Ft. Polk Louisiana. I served one tour overseas in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom in Baghdad, Iraq, from November 2005 - November 2006.

We’ve seen your podcasts on Facebook. What gave you the idea to go into broadcasting? What do you wish to accomplish with your interviews? 

For many years I was told I had a "radio voice," and last year I took a chance and volunteered at an internet radio station out of Hamden. I quickly fell in love with being behind the mic and interviewing and thought of a way to combine my love for the community with it. It was then that the CT Latin Soundtrack Podcast was born.

Can you explain more about Top Station and the Latin Soundtrack?

The CT Latin Soundtrack Podcast allowed me to combine two things that I love, broadcasting/interviewing and community. Its mission is twofold; bring awareness to Latino(a) persons or organization doing great things for the Latin Community in Connecticut while simultaneously uplifting and motivating our youth to do the same.

The podcast's success inspired me to want to do more and I thought, what better way to do so then to have my own Podcast Station. I then built TOP Station (Transcendent Outlook Podcast Station), where I produce audio and video for three podcasts, thus far, and also use as a place for other creatives to record their podcasts. For more information on TOP Station visit www.topstationct.com.

You were a vice president for the Puerto Rican Parade of Fairfield County. What was your biggest takeaway from that experience? 

My biggest takeaway from my experience with the Puerto Rican Parade of Fairfield County was a feeling of amazement at the great things that are possible when a huge group of volunteers come together for one very important cause: Keeping the Puerto Rican culture, heritage, and traditions alive and encouraging the education of our youth.

Tell us more about the Latino Scholarship Fund Inc., and your involvement as a board member. 

Founded in 1995, the Latino Scholarship Fund Inc. has raised and awarded more than $750,000 in scholarship money to more than 400 Latino high school graduates throughout the Greater Danbury area.

They have recently decided to expand their outreach and services to high schools in the Lower Fairfield County area. As the only board member living in lower Fairfield County I look to assist in the expansion and exposure of the organization and give our Latino youth an opportunity at scholarships. We will do this by hosting informational events and fundraisers.

You are incredibly active and energetic. What motivates you to do so many things? 

My biggest motivations are the fact that I can because I am blessed with life & health as well as my hunger to really make a difference within my community.

What do you see as the Latino community’s biggest challenges today? 

I believe our biggest challenge is the ability to come together as one without individual agendas. We are stronger together and once we truly realize it we will make strides towards being a better Latino Community as a whole.

Many people know and love you as Eddie “The Tranzcendent One” Martinez — Where were you in your life, whether it was a state of mind or a life condition, that caused you to transcend into the motivating person you are today?

My tour overseas to Baghdad opened my eyes to true hardship and suffering. It was then that I realized how great Bridgeport is and could be even greater with hard work and dedication and it was the start to my #BeTranzcendent campaign. Life isn't as terrible as we tend to say it is and WE have the power of making it better. How? By truly being the best version of ourselves on a daily basis and going above and beyond ... being transcendent.

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