Up Close and Personal

Up Close & Personal at Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo & the Mystic Aquarium

October, 2020

Join AARP CT as we virtually explore Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo and the Mystic Aquarium over 8 days in October. Join us for any or all of our events and you are sure to be inspired by their work in animal health, wellness, enrichment, research, and conservation. Streaming videos and an opportunity to ask questions of the professionals will be a part of each event.

Each event begins at Noon and requires a separate registration.

10/1/2020: Animal Enrichment

Animal welfare is a top priority at the Zoo, and that includes enrichment activities for everyone. Enrichment allows animals to be more active, gives them an interesting environment, and permits them to exhibit natural behaviors. Learn more about how Zoo staff works to stimulate our animals’ senses and how it benefits them.

REGISTER: https://aarp.cvent.com/Zoo1

10/8/2020: Animal Commissary

You will be welcomed to the Zoo’s Animal Commissary, where Zoo staff prepare all food and meals for each animal! Learn more about the diets of various animals, including how much they eat in a week, what the Zoo feeds the animals, and why.

REGISTER: https://aarp.cvent.com/Zoo8

10/15/2020: Animal Health & Wellness

Just like people, animals at the Zoo go in for regular visits and check-ups at the Animal Clinic. Animals in human care have longer lifespans than animals in the wild, and that is due largely in part to the outstanding care they receive from Zoo staff. Learn more at this session about how they measure an animal’s health, including how they train them to participate in their own wellness check.

REGISTER: https://aarp.cvent.com/Zoo15

10/22/2020: Endangered Species

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo has a proud history of almost 100 years as Connecticut’s only Zoo. As an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and participant in its Species Survival Plan (SSP) programs, they are committed to the preservation of endangered animals and are actively developing strategies that will protect species and preserve their wild habitats. At this session, Zoo staff will tie the previous sessions (register separately for 10/1, 10/8, & 10/15) together to show how everything they do at the Zoo actively works to protect endangered species around the world.

REGISTER: https://aarp.cvent.com/Zoo22

10/7/2020: Beluga Whales

Explore the Mystic Aquariums Beluga Whale Program – the largest outdoor habitat for Belugas in the U.S. With their distinct color and shape, belugas are considered to be the most easily distinguishable of all whale species. They may be best known for their most unique feature- their bulging melon. Some other notable distinctions include their dorsal ridge (most whales have fins) and their ability to easily navigate in both shallow river mouths and estuaries as well as ocean depths of over 2,500 feet.

REGISTER: https://aarp.cvent.com/Whales

10/14/20: Penguins

There are many unique characteristics about the endangered African penguin. The pattern of black spots on a penguin’s chest is as unique a human fingerprint and they have a bare patch above their eyes to help regulate their body temperature. Penguins are one of only a few flightless bird species and they are the only penguin to breed in Africa. Join us to learn more.

REGISTER: https://aarp.cvent.com/Penguins

10/21/20: Seals

The Mystic Aquarium is one of only three facilities to care for Northern fur seals in the United States> They care for 2 other species of seals, the Harbor seal and the Spotted seal. Learn the difference between them and sea lions.

REGISTER: https://aarp.cvent.com/Seals

10/28/20: Aquarium Tour

Virtually explore the Mystic Aquarium on a guided tour and see more exhibits, learn about research, conservation, sustainable sea efforts, and more.

REGISTER: https://aarp.cvent.com/AquariumTour

Visit www.aarp.org/ct for a variety of free virtual offerings. Please contact CT@aarp.org with questions or comments.

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