How to Vote in CT’s 2022 elections AARP

Connecticut’s November general election ballot will let voters weigh in on a state constitutional amendment that would allow the Connecticut General Assembly to introduce early in-person voting. The question will be: “Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to permit the General Assembly to provide for early voting?” Voters can vote “yes” or “no.”

New voting laws passed last year make it easier to vote absentee by ensuring availability of drop boxes, allowing voters with temporary disabilities and chronic illnesses to automatically receive absentee ballots, allowing absentee voters with visual impairment to receive a ballot electronically, as well as other provisions.

And a new law passed this year further expands eligibility for absentee voting, mainly to commuters, caretakers and other voters worried about illness. Previously, voters could only get an absentee ballot if they were working out of town during all polling hours on Election Day or if they personally had an illness or physical disability that made them unable to vote at their polling place during voting hours. Now, voters may qualify for an absentee ballot if they are traveling for only part of Election Day or if they are concerned about sickness, including COVID-19, for either themself or someone they are taking care of.

A new redistricting plan has changed certain boundaries of some state legislative and U.S. congressional districts and may affect which candidates appear on your ballot.

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