It’s official: Having a sister is good for you

Having a sister is scientifically proven to be beneficial. Photo: Getty

Scientists confirmed that having a younger or older sister makes you a better person.

A 2010 study, which involved 400 families with siblings between age 10 and 14, indicated that having a sister positively affected the mental wellbeing of the siblings. In addition, the study showed that the siblings have a greater ability to communicate and resolve problems.

According to Laura Padilla-Walker, the lead author of the study, even though the siblings may fight, the positive results always come out. Moreover, fighting helps siblings to learn to control their emotions. Despite their fighting and arguing, it is true that a life without a brother or sister is lonelier.

Generally, it is considered that girls are more communicative than boys. Also, boys, who have a sister are more communicative with girls later in their life. Sisters help them become a better person by teaching them compassion and empathy. Furthermore, studies show that sisters can help them to increase their self-esteem and mental health. This helps their siblings not to feel insecure, fearful or lonely, too.

So even though you might have arguments with your siblings, you should remember that they will be with you through your life.

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