Hispanic Federation Supports the Unity March for Puerto Rico in Washington, DC

The federal government’s response to the disaster in Puerto Rico continues to be unacceptable. As they wait for assistance, our fellow Americans on the island are getting creative and surviving without access to water and electricity in many cases. But this situation cannot go on forever. Puerto Rico needs our help.

To that end, Hispanic Federation is taking part in the Unity March for Puerto Rico on Sunday, November 19th in Washington, D.C. They want you to JOIN!

Please click here to learn more: http://bit.ly/UnityMarchforPR

Hispanic Federation is supporting the Unity March for Puerto Rico to stand in solidarity - ONE people - ONE voice - against unjust laws that have been systematically oppressive and crippling to the people of Puerto Rico and the socio-economic growth and sustainability of the island. We must create forceful, sustained political pressure on our leaders until they act on behalf of their fellow Americans in Puerto Rico. HF supports a commitment to sustainable rebuilding efforts, transparency and accountability in the delivery of aid, and the elimination of Jones Act and the cancellation of Puerto Rico’s debt which are crippling Puerto Rico’s recovery.

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