GBLN’s Puerto Rican Songbook concert back at the Bijou

Ricardo Reyes takes the stage at the 2016 Puerto Rican Songbook at Bridgeport's Bijou Theater. They return this April. Photo: Arroyo + Steele

Rick Reyes and the Campo de Humo band are back at the Bijou, bringing with them the traditional sounds of Puerto Rico.

If you attended any of our three workshops, you've learned the fascinating back story of this concert, sponsored by GBLN. It's a tribute to the island's rich musical history — from Danza to Jibaro, Bolero to Trova, Plena to Salsa, and more.

Last year's concert was a blast, and we have every reason to believe that this year will be even more fun.

Reyes reflected on what the Songbook means to him personally.

“As a musician, this is an opportunity to look back and review our Puerto Rican heritage, which is quite unique,” Reyes says. “When you look at the history of Puerto Rico, with very unique circumstances politically, and ethnically.”

Rick Reyes

Rick Reyes

Music is a good way to highlight the island’s rich history, says Reyes, who was born in Bridgeport, but raised in Puerto Rico until he was 13.

“For such a small place, this tiny little place has given so much to the world, even to this day.  What is it about this little tiny island that it has so much influence?”

And the Puerto Rican Songbook — the archive of the island’s traditional music, dating to the early 20th century — is comfort food for Rick Reyes.

“It’s like coming home and have your Mom cook you that special meal,” he said. “I think that’s what the Puerto Rican Songbook is for a lot of people.”

Tickets are $25. Come at 7 to mingle at the cash bar. The concert starts at 8.

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