Task force will help new CT governor find Latino talent

Rep. Chris Soto, D-New London, announced a new focus on finding and bringing Latino talent into the incoming Ned Lamont administration.

The Latino Gubernatorial Appointments Task Force will be a clearing house for resumes, he said.

“Some people don’t think they have access to people in the state Capitol, but they have access to us,” Soto said to CT News Junkie.

Under Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, there are only two Latino commissioners, Banking Commissioner Jorge Perez and Public Health Commissioner Raul Pino.

“The Latino community played a large part in helping our Gov.-elect and our Lt. Gov.-elect get elected,” Soto said. “But at the same time as leaders in our community, if the administration does not represent the community they’re gonna ask us.”

He said they will hold the new administration accountable if they don’t see diversity.

Lamont was criticized during the Democratic primary for choosing Susan Bysiewicz as his running mate. Eva Bermudez Zimmerman, who is Puerto Rican, ran for lieutenant governor against Bysiewicz.

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