Read Aloud Day

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The School Volunteer Association of Bridgeport (SVA) is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Read Aloud Day in the Bridgeport Public Schools.  Over 650 volunteers are being sought from the greater Bridgeport area to read to every pre-kindergarten through sixth grade class. SVA will provide the books that will be read and donated to the classroom libraries.

Some volunteers will read “There’s a Lion in My Cornflakes” while others will share  what happened to “Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas,” the real-life elephant seal who chose to live in a river in the city rather than the ocean.  SVA hopes that the enthusiasm shown by the volunteers for reading and learning will inspire children to continue reading on their own and develop the skills that will make them successful in school and life.

Event Details

October 22, 9 to 10 AM
To register, call the School Volunteer Office at (203) 275-1120
or visit

Download the event flyer

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